METALTECH is your opportunity to expand your business footprint in Southeast Asia and beyond. And, thanks to our brand new Live Demonstration feature, you can demonstrate your company’s expertise by presenting your technology and processes in front of a live audience of buyers.

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Our first live demonstration will be called “End-to-End Solutions in the Smart Phone Manufacturing Processes". Smartphone manufacturing is an area where automation is already making a big impact, and this demonstration will focus on the transformations which are already taking place in the industry.

Subject matter will include: 

  • Precision Engineering: How it enables accuract and precision manufacturing for quality assurance.
  • Automation: How Smart Manufacturing will automated systems can assist with integration and process control. The potential for Artificial Intelligence to improve outcomes.
  • Metalworking: Advanced manufacturing and production solutions, and how they impact smartphone manufacturing.
If your company has expertise in any of these areas, please get in contact with us to register your interest in being one of the presenters of this special event. Please contact Ms. Kelly Liau at +603 5022 1929 or email [email protected] for more detailed information.