The 24th International Machine Tools and Metalworking Technology Exhibition
 23 - 26 May 2018 • Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) • Kuala Lumpur Malaysia  


Industrial Seminar - Day 1

From Motors to Industrial Robots – How connectivity is changing the face of an Industry

Laurent Maillefer
ABB Malaysia
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Mr. Maillefer holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences  - Western Switzerland.

Throughout his career he has held positions in North America, Europe and Asia.

For the last 9 years he has been based in Malaysia for ABB, a world leader in electrical equipment.

His portfolio has covered Power Conversion and Power Protection equipment, which are all increasingly connected to public and industrial networks.

Currently Mr. Maillefer is Head of Robotics at ABB Malaysia.
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Industry 4.0 : The Tool

Mr Kurt Debbaut
Product Manager Cadman at LVD Group
LVD Malaysia Sdn Bhd
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More than 20 years active in machine tool business.

As Cadman Product Manager at LVD, we try to have a very close contact to customers and the shop floor activities, continuously searching for new trends and challenges.

Feeding the collected and filtered information back into the software engineering group. Creating sales tools and guiding the LVD sales force, agents and key customers in the LVD world of Integration.
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An adaptive manufacturing process with machine learning to improve productivity and achieve product excellence

George Ng
Head of Advanced Analytics & IoT
SAS Malaysia Sdn Bhd
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George Ng is a statistical modeler with more than 18 years of High Tech Manufacturing industry experience including engineering, quality, operations, R&D, SMART factory, program management, Lean Six Sigma and Analytics CoE. He has been advising and helping clients march towards the helm of Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics by advancing into Decision Automation and having the ability to optimize business decisions while dealing with business dynamics and changes with real-time actionable insights.
George works with clients across various organization in identifying business issues which could benefit from an analytical outlook and helps these organizations operationalize analytics. He is also an analytics evangelist, familiarizing clients with analytics lifecycles, support structures for deploying, maintaining these initiatives and developing an ecosystem which would sustain the framework.
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Technologies for the Aerospace Industry (to be confirmed)

Mr. Björn Stender
DMG MORI Aerospace Excellence Center
DMG MORI Malaysia Sdn Bhd
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The trend in the aerospace sector towards integral construction methods, innovations in engine design and the use of new and more effective materials all require the highest quality and precision throughout the manufacturing. This demand for reliable processes made the aerospace industry one of the pioneers in Industry 4.0.

Realising Industry 4.0 with iFactory SRP

Elvin Ng
General Manager of Advantech Malaysia
Advantech Malaysia
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Elvin joined Advantech as Sales Manager in 1999 to lead and manage Advantech Penang office's Sales and Operation.

In 2006, Elvin was appointed as Director and General Manager of Advantech Malaysia and General Manager of Advantech Thailand in 2004-2007. He also acted as South Asia Pacific Region Intelligent Automation Group sales leader in May 2011.

Prior to join Advantech, he started his career in 1995 as a system engineer with one of well established industrial Automation & Solution Organization.

He has over 19 years of experience in industrial Automation industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science from  Missouri State University, USA.

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Industry 4.0

Lee Yen Hong
Certified trainer for Beckhoff Malaysia
Beckhoff Automation Sdn Bhd
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Mr Lee Yen Hong has 10 years of varied experience in industrial automation & in the training field. He has obtained his degree in University of Applied Science in Hochschule Offenbury, Germany specialising in Industrial Information Technique & Automation covering wide spectrum on production motion control, PLC programming & drive. Mr Lee Yen Hong is also a certified Trainer with HRDF (Human Resource Development Fund - Malaysia)
He was previously the Beckhoff certified trainer & he has conducted several in-house training programs in Beckhoff Malaysia for systems integrator, OEM & end users. Since four years ago, he has switched his portfolio to the commercial side and has been given the mandate to oversee the sales with Beckhoff Malaysia. With his wide approach in the different industries segments and also strong technical background, this has provided him advantages when meet up with clients.
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IoT Technologies and Infrastructure to enable Industry 4.0

Mohd Shahiman Sulaiman
Director of R&D
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Mohd Shahiman Sulaiman is currently the Acting Head of R&D for E&E Division in MIMOS Berhad, the National R&D Institute for ICT, Semiconductor and Microelectronics. In this role, Shahiman is responsible for the Division’s R&D Strategy & Projects, Strategic Partnership & Industrial Research, Technology outputs and R&D Technology and Product Commercialization.

Having gone through his career in IC design in North America and Malaysia, he has to-date covered and managed a wide spectrum of advanced electronics technology R&D activities: from Nanoelectronics and materials for printed flexible electronics, to intelligent autonomous systems and strategic applications. A good sum of the R&D technologies and products in this area has been commercialized, adopted by Malaysian and international SMEs and LLCs, translating into their business growth.

Shahiman holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Applied degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada. He has been consultants to various industries and projects and serves as industrial advisors to universities in Malaysia.

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